Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello this is max . I just decided to warn you that a giant radioactive poop is about to invade your homes and eat your brains..... Just kidding actually I came to tell you that I have decided to start an advice colum on our website. And I will start now.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzwhoa I'm awake im awake. I changed my mind about the advice colum . But I will give you some ideas for if your bored right a few years. Well anyway let's start talking about comics.

Me and roan have made a bunch and were planing on making a book.

Now you ask where did they get this wonderful idea or maybe you aren't thinking that I don't care but anyway I must give all the credit to me and roans little friend Jasper . We were at his house bored out of our skulls and we went into his living room. There we found a little kids book called jhonny tractor. Now. Me and roan gave one look at it and thought I want some pizza Then we got a better idea we though let's turn this stupid old children's book character into a comic book character. And after that me and roan drew tons of comics inventing new ones aLl the time and that is the story of how Dudley was created.

Well it's dinner time so so long for now. Max

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