Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ok something bad is happening I think the akopalipse is....wait no how do you spell it?is it acopaiplepse whatever.anyway it's coming believe me it's.....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggg........ I droped my tea oh great I gotta go.max

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Max's Worst Nightmare #2

Hello there little friends(or maybe not so little). This is Max. I just decided to tell you my dream. But just so you know I am terribly afraid of pigs. So anyway I had three dreams last night so I'm just going to tell you one.

So there I was outside in the dark with a bunch of spiders, I was out there because my moms friend Maranda had asked me to look for her baby outside. I dashed inside my grandmas house as soon as I saw the spiders.

Once inside I saw three strange lady's talking to my moms friends. The lady's scared me so I went into my room to find my mom and my grandma, but I left when I heard something taping on the window cause It was a pig so I left. When I went back out the lady's noticed me. One of them was a teenager one of them was an old lady but the other one was a pig! The teenager came up and shook my hand, but the old lady snuck up from behind and threw me on the couch then the pig ate me.

Pretty scary don't you think? Oh by the way a giant slug is about to invade your house and eat you. Bye.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Top secret's not top secret any more since I'm posting it here but I'm going to leave you with something that will bother you your hole life. The secret is. I .... .. ....... ......... . Okay that's the secret no one will ever find out. By the way a giant hairball is about to crush your house.max
Hello I have bad news the bad news is that going to start posting lots of pictures and videos on the blog......wait that's good news I keep getting mixed down.....I mean up. Go click on that thing on the bottom of the page that says older pages for more boring.. I mean fun stuff
Q: why did the chicken cross the road
A: to get to the other side

Have you ever understood that joke before I mean why is it even a joke. And also the chicken would've gotten run over before it got to the other side. It's just dumb. Why not an ostrich?why not a pigeon?why not an eagle? . But it's so dumb it's funny.
Hullo friends I just would like to say that i hope you like to hear about peoples dreams because from now on everyday I'm gonna write what I dreamt about ihoe you'll like it bye

Evil Zhu Zhu Pet vs. Max

Sure Signs that your Friend is Going Crazy


Today as a special treat I took Dudley to the movies big mistake. Every time something funny would happen Dudley would scream, and every time something sad would happen he would crie so hard a river would form. But the worst part of all was when he ate a mini bomb thinking it was a treat. We got kicked out I was mad at Dudley for being so embarrassing then he Sid it was all my fault I pushed him into the highway but of course he didn't die. Tomorrow it's Roans turn to take him.
Here is a list of most of me and Roans comic characters
Dudley the tractor
Onion dude
Onion man
Grumpy lady
Dershok homes
Devil dude
Old Mick dorkald
Steamy the cup of coffee
Dumb and Dummer
Dumb Dude
Butt man
Dopey Joe

Ok heres a joke about the picture below

Max: good morning Roan
Roan: good morning Max
Max: hey what's that blue furry thing in the corner
Roan: it's Grover!
Grover: hello everybody I'm going to eat your face
Max and Roan: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Max and Roan run away screaming
Grover: Bbbbllleeeeaaahhhh
Max gets bitten by Grover and falls down
Roan lunges at Grover and try's to rip him,he succeeds but suddenly Miley Cirus jumps out and eats Roans face. The End

Max's Worst Nightmare

You like the picture above this? Nice huh? Youse what's happening is Grover was chasing me he caught up with me and bit my neck. It really is my worst nightmare. I mean it's scary come back to the website sometime there might be a new one.
Pppppppppppppppppoooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppp. Don't you think poop is the best stuf for comics to have in them me and Roan youse it all the time( in our comics of course) . Well anyway just wanted to warn you that a nuclear booger is about to destroy the city.......just kidding ( as usual) . So let's talk to bad you can't talk back eccept if you put something in that complement box or whatever they cll it. Send money. And press older posts for more fun stuff .
Max again. Just have one question why are people even reading this I know why beacuse they want to know about us(well maybe not I don't care). But anyway to improve me and roans site please send money. We know you're mocking us if you send a penny and if you do send us only a penny me and roan will sneak into your room at night and........Fil your mouth with dirty diapers.....literally. So please don't send only a penny.
Hello folks. How are you all doing out there of course I'll probably never hear your answer.

Well anyway I just wanted you to know that a giant puddle of barf is about to invade your houses and eat your face.......just kidding. Well anyway I just decided to tell you happy new years even though it was yesterday and by the time someone reads this it will probably be way past new years so I don't even know why I'm righting this. Anyway I ju..$&@?!/ I stubbed my toe.

Hey I hope everyone had a nice Christmas...guess what I got a wii not the kind you do in the bathroom I mean the video game system. Well bye for now friends.
Here is a preview from Max and Roan's big book of comics. You can see the rest once you buy the complete version.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello this is max . I just decided to warn you that a giant radioactive poop is about to invade your homes and eat your brains..... Just kidding actually I came to tell you that I have decided to start an advice colum on our website. And I will start now.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzwhoa I'm awake im awake. I changed my mind about the advice colum . But I will give you some ideas for if your bored right a few years. Well anyway let's start talking about comics.

Me and roan have made a bunch and were planing on making a book.

Now you ask where did they get this wonderful idea or maybe you aren't thinking that I don't care but anyway I must give all the credit to me and roans little friend Jasper . We were at his house bored out of our skulls and we went into his living room. There we found a little kids book called jhonny tractor. Now. Me and roan gave one look at it and thought I want some pizza Then we got a better idea we though let's turn this stupid old children's book character into a comic book character. And after that me and roan drew tons of comics inventing new ones aLl the time and that is the story of how Dudley was created.

Well it's dinner time so so long for now. Max