Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello again, besides just comics, our we
will also be posting movies and maybe a game, as
I might be taking a computer game designing
course next Summer.

Plus, some more information
about the new book; it will be selling for
$5.00 US/CND or $50.00 MEX. It will be available in
digital form. You can pay via Pay-Pal and have
it delivered in a PDF through your e-mail account
which we will ask you for.

Don't worry, we won't
e-mail you any spam or whatever that stuff is called,
I have no idea how to do that. If you have any
complaints, complements, or suggestions, feel free to
post a comment in the comment box, we are always
looking for ways to improve our business.

Thank you, from Roan and Max


Are you fans of Dudley the Tractor and his friends?
Probably not, because you have never heard of them.
Fortunately, Max and I are here to introduce you to the
world of Dudley and friends, where the stupid rein, despite
being continuously hammered to dust by the smart and evil.
In the lead-up to our grand debut in Summer 2012, we will be
posting smaller, separate pages of comics. We ask you to please
not copy any of our comics, despite however much you like them
because this is our first book and we aren't even out of
elementary school yet.